Director's Message

" I feel often lost, into
The eager, earnest and
Imploring eyes of child with innocent
Gestures and expressions
Mesmerized and lost into infinity…. "

I feel obliged while presenting my perspective and perceptions about the life, existence of nature, knowledge, education, and each element within the universe. The views kept on varying with the varying observations, experiences and hypotheses. The quest to explore the essence or sublime remained uncontented and the impelling innate and instinctive impetus never allowed my desirous and exploring self to settle. And so I readily and steadily kept on reading and studying books after books, epics, hymns, verses, sermons or discourses written or composed by great Philosophers, Educationist and Scholar but could not find any pragmatic solution. An earnest desire guided to introspect self and this certainly enabled to realize an infinite space conceived within the self, having infinite potential to satisfy all the quest desires, mysteries etc. evolved within the self.

Certainly, the quest evolved within the self has potential to satisfy or quench the hunger or thirst or demand of the same. Therefore, there is no need to ponder or wander around instead explore the self. The world is solely governed by individuality as each and every soul or potential is the centre, nucleus or core of the universe for the self, as for any individual the world begins from the self. Mutuality and all other guiding principles or attributes also depend upon the potential of the self. So, it is supposed the theory of Darwinism and Determinism of Fredrich Ratzel governs the world and its each element. My vision, approach and thence direction is certainly based on this natural, behavioral pragmatic or empirical approach.

My move or initiation to devote my ‘self’ to the auspicious divine sphere of education is solely based on my attachment to the imploring and innocent gestures and expressions of children. It is their appearance and behavior which engrossed me and ended my quest, my desire to explore the infinite universe and essence of life. Moreover, pragmatism accordingly to the theory of evolution considers child as the future man and not a miniature adult. There is difference in the inclination and priorities of children and those of adults. So, children should be given education according to their interest and aptitude. Then impulse, ideas and activities have a psychological difference. Therefore, the institute focuses on activity centered education for children according to their interest, aptitudes and needs by creating an easy, simple and practicable proposition.

The institute, in its pivotal objective of providing quality education and thence creating quality and universal human resource, has analytically evaluated the ideologies and philosophies of great scholars. According to Socrates knowledge is already present in the mind or wisdom. It is not obtained through cognitive senses. He by putting question to an illiterate person, had proved that he possessed knowledge of geometry which was already in mind. Plato was impressed by that example. He realized that knowledge is not created by senses after birth. It is present in the mind in the form of impressions (sanskar) along with soul. When a person is born with his soul that knowledge comes with him. Plato has formulated three sources of knowledge i.e. senses, object and mind or wisdom. Meaning there by we inculcate, attributes and evolve personalities by adopting natural and pragmatic approach.

Simultaneously, institute focuses on the qualitative upliftment by developing creativity, visionary approach and dynamism of teachers. Our teachers are supposed to be well conversed with advanced knowledge, well adjusted sympathetic and affectionate to children. Also, they are supposed to instill self-confidence and feeling of self regard in child. Sentient and eruditive teachers who feel scintillating while imparting education follow the upanishadic mode of imparting knowledge while adopting modern ways and means. Rushi Yogyawalk once told his wife Maitraiyi, “In fact self has to be perceived, it has to be recognized. When the self is perceived heard and experienced and is known then everything becomes known.” The first step followed is explaining and hearing, second practice or recitation of the text taught, the third is understanding the meaning i.e. comprehension, the fourth is inference i.e. understanding the result the fifth is semantic and the sixth step includes relating the content to evidence or example and there after arriving at the conclusion. This process is followed, simply to store knowledge into deep memory.

The divine or righteous action of imparting education is supposed to be based on righteous insight and prognosis in order to satisfy the demand of the time and expectant or desirous souls. The continuous process of education must be guided by the principles and objectives of spiritualism, materialism, selflessness, devotion and above all life. Alongside, as a corollary to the teachings of Bhagwat Geeta, we follow following ideas of education:

1. Development of virtuous knowledge.
2. Development of personality and its Refinement.
3. Harmony between the individual and social Aims.
4. Development of Intellectual and Reasoning Ability.
5. Establishment of One’s Duty (Swadharma in One’s Life).
6. Development of inner Consciousness.

Finally, I would conclude with my envision that in the vast, extensive and infinite world its desirable to settle, concentrate and meditate oneself and make effort to evolve the self to congregate universal, material or spiritual Knowledge or wisdom and gestate the strength of the self to succeed instead of wandering around. It is essential as becoming unidirectional one might abstain and deprive oneself from knowing many other essentials. We wish for a global unified peaceful and harmony world.

Dr. Rishi Sahai
Director of B.B.S. Groups of Institutions