Parents Cooperation

• Parents are expected to co-operate with the school Authorities and the Teacher by enforcing regularity, punctuality, discipline and sending them to school in the neat and clean uniform.
• Parents should check the daily of their children for occasional remakes and duty signs it whenever it is demanded. • They are forbidden to give gifts and parents to the teacher and non-teaching staff.
• Parents are requested not to give money to their children unless they receive a written notice from the school. • Parents should send a leave note of absence and long leave from the school.
• Parents should not allow their children to bring any kind of destructors such as cell phones, walkman, electronic games etc. to the school.
• Parents are requested to ensure that their children do their home work regularly, learn their lessons and keep up to the mark in their studies.
• Parents should also keep a watch on the physical and mental health of their children. Special attention should be paid to the eye sight, hearing speech, and body co-ordination. Any difficulty or abnormality if noticed should be promptly shown to a competent doctor.