What is expected from a B.B.S. Student?

A) In School (Code of conduct)

You should respect every teacher.
You should look upon your schoolmates as your brothers and sisters.
You should do your homework every day.
You should always be in a proper uniform.
You should be punctual and sincere.
You should participate in all curricular and extra curricular activities.
You should not make fun of those students who are weak in studies.

B) Always (In school and outside)

Always behave very politely to everyone (Behave with others in a manner in which you would like them to be behave with you).
Don’t waste your Time (Time will never come back).
Keep away from bad company (Bad Company will poison your language, behaviour and career).
You should always speak well to your school teachers.
You should worship your school and uphold its dignity and honour.
Worship your parents (Since God could not be present everywhere, he created parents).
Try to use the terms “Thank You” , “Excuse Me” , “ Pardon Me”, “Sorry” as much as possible in your daily routine of conversation.